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Finding IT consulting that's specifically geared to the needs of SMEs can be a challenge! We can help. Our premium IT support services have been created with the needs of end-users and smaller businesses in mind. We understand the problems which a limited budget, smaller premises or minimal staffing can cause, which is why we provide IT services that are designed to overcome these limitations.

No matter what it is that you want to achieve, when it comes to IT infrastructure, we can usually make it happen for you. Our services are available across the United Kingdom and also in India. With exceptional technical skills and international reach, we look forward to giving you the support you need to achieve your goals and promote growth.


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We work with 100's of businesses across the world and have a diverse client base ranging from fast growing start ups to well established SMEs.

Around 80 million people are being employed by SMEs in India and play a very important role in the economic growth of a country.

We understand that technology can help boost the SME's efficiency, but the budget can also be a constraint for some when it comes to IT infrastructure management and maintenance. This means that IT resources are limited by budget and the capabilities of the service provider may not be the right fit for their requirements. Similarly, if the businesses try to maintain an in-house IT team, they may struggle to secure the right talent for the job. For example, you can not hire a systems administrator to do a network administrator's job.

As a result, IT problems grow exponentially as your business grows and businesses won't be able to keep up with new and emerging technologies which are crucial in the development of a business. At Infinibytes, we have a team of consultants whose expertise is not limited to just IT Support but to various branches of IT including Networking, Cyber Security, Incident Response and Disaster Recovery. We help your business take right decisions in terms of choosing the right technology within your business' monthly IT budget and cut unnecessary costs. .


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